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Azure Eyes Xena *PL


Name: Xena

DOB: 25/12/2019

Rag Type: Blue Bicolour

Rag No: Rag a 03 

Status: Active

PKD: Negative

HCM: Negative

Blood Type: A


Mother of Litter:

Azure Eyes Xena *PL

Xena (Xenia) our the most beautiful blue bicolour sweetheart and future queen. Xena has is all and we cannot fault her in any way. Apart of mesmerizing, adorable look, great build and type she is true Ragdoll personality. Xena build connections with humans and people very easy and adores to spend her time around them. She is very gentle and docile around kittens showing she will be an amazing future mum when her time to become one emerge. 

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