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Bu buying this option you purchase reservation of Lecendrillon Cersei kitten (Seal mitted Ragdoll female) After reservation has been completed we will contact you to agree viewing/ and further details around adopting this kitten.  Cost of booking will be deducted from final price of the kitten paid on the day of collection. Full price of the kitten is £1000 minus reservation fee. There could be some extra charges based on the castration / neautering options agreed, delivery charges or extra length of upkeeping needed.


By reserving online we can guarantee you will be prioritized as number 1 person to be interviewed allowing you have piece of mind knowing nobody else can reserve it before we will contact you.


This rservation is valid for 72 hours, During that period we must agree specific date/time for viewing orpurchase/collection at the same time draft reservation document. Interested family must respond to our contact in mentioned timeframe for us to plan next steps otherwise reservation fee becomes non refundable. This will make sure our time is not wasted and kitten is not staying unavailable for other interested familes for long period of time. Lets be professionally and value each other time.


We looking forward to deliver you amazing kittens and support you along the the way. 

Kind Regards

Bart & Beata 

GCCF Lecendrillon 


Reserve Lecendrillon Cersei

  • Reservation fee is refundable up to 72 hours from time of purchase otherwise become unrefundable. Within 72 hours breeder will contact interested familie to agree further steps in process of purchasing kitten, it can be live viewing/ video viewing, agreeing collection dates etc. If no respond will be recived after breeder attemped contact for firther 72 hours, charging fee becomes nonrefundable.

  • Breeder will come back to interested family within 72 hours after reservation and will produce reservation document showing his contact details, kitten details and after filling in new owners details mention document will be signed by both parites. This will be final step reassuring reservation process has been completed.

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